Prague will host the first project meeting of RESINDUSTRY project, that will be celebrated on 22nd and 23rd of October. 

The first day, the partnership will participate in a Master Class that will develop the main concepts of Interreg Europe cooperation, mixing the theoretical knowledge from the Programme Manuals with the specific actions planned in the application form. 

Master Class is synonymous of WORKING, not of LISTENING, so the attendants have to be ready to interact with the speakers and with their peers from other regions.

On the 23rd, partners and stakeholders will develop an Interregional workshop, where participants are going to share knowledge and experiences about best practices; and a study visit in Melnik, to the company LUNA PLAST a.s.

This meeting will bring together the 7 project partners that belong to 7 different countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Austria and Malta. During the project, they will exchange experiences & transfer knowledge on how to boost RES investment in industry.