The 2018 Product Innovation Award was presented to José Alexandre Oliveira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riopele, this Tuesday, May 22, in Evora, at the 15th National Meeting of the Business Association for Innovation.  Tenowa is an innovative brand of fabrics designed through the valorization of textile and agrifood waste, with attractive design and high quality and comfort. This product uses 80% recycled raw material and is made using technologically advanced textile equipments, with a high level of automation and that replace the human eye, in order to identify defects in fabrics manufactured.

The brand is the result of the R4Textiles project, developed by the famalicense company with the collaboration of RESET partner CITEVE - Technological Center for Textile and Clothing Industry and CeNTI - Center for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional and Intelligent Materials, also headquartered in Vila Nova de Famalicão, and the School of Biotechnology of Porto.

Source: ACTE Web site