Project good practices

Aegis, a lightweight and flexible textile shield for construction

Summary: Innovative fabric called AEGIS created by LenziEgisto-FF for the construction sector. It's a textile barrier for containing components of secondary construction

Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)

Biological exhaust air purification in textile finishing...

Summary: Development of a market-ready technical solution for exhaust air purification for textile finishing processes using flame lamination

Location: Chemnitz, Germany (Deutschland)

Potential of blends from natural fibres and recycled carbon...

Summary: Development of natural fibre reinforced composites produced from natural fibres of greater length with matrix materials also applied in fibre shape

Location: Chemnitz, Germany (Deutschland)

UV-LED curable coatings for technical textiles

Summary: LEDcure is a technological solution for the application of UV-LED curing systems in textile coating and finishing for technical textiles.

Location: Chemnitz, Germany (Deutschland)

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