On September 7, 2016, at INCDTP headquarters, it was held the first meeting of RESET project stakeholders, namely representatives of: Regional Development Agency Nord-East; Regional Development Agency South-East; Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Relations with the Business; University Gh. Asachi Iasi, Faculty of Textile, Leather and Industrial Management; ASTRICO NE Cluster, Romanian Textile Cluster Concept; Tradition Manufacture Future Cluster; North Giurgiu Technological and Industrial Park; The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest; Textile & clothing SMEs (S.C. Katty Fashion S.R.L, S.C. Magnum SX S.R.L, S.C. Energytex Technology S.R.L.); Romanian Fashion Council Association; NE Reginnova Association. The meeting was attended by 23 persons, representatives of project stakeholders and INCDTP.

During the meeting the following was presented: the content and objectives of RESET project, the 6 themes of the project (Recycling in textile & waste disposal; Water consumption & energy saving, sustainable company organisations; New sustainable chemistry, including reduction of chemicals; Smart textiles & new ways of production; Eco-creativity, natural fibres, short value chains; New materials and new applications); timing of activities related to the exchange of experience, methodology for identifying, analyzing and selecting the good practices in each of the six themes within the project.

Also, the meeting was an opportunity for presentation / knowledge of concerns of relevant stakeholders at local / regional / national level, as well as their position against the need for innovation and sustainable development of the textile and clothing sector in Romania.

Two Good Practices were identified on theme “Recycling in textile and waste disposal”. According to the criteria described in RESET GPs Methodology, it was selected one GP which is the most relevant to the tackled policy theme. The GP selected for presentation during 1st Thematic Seminar in Alcoy in October 2016 was “REDU: Reused, Upcycled & Redesigned Clothes and Accessories”


The event agenda, presentations and photos are available in LIBRARY section of the web site.