REPLACE efforts to continue its work and its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic lead to the organization of monthly webinars.

The second web meeting was organized for the 20 of May 2020 at 11.00 to tackle the following:

  • REPLACE 1st Semester Report: submitted on the 15 of May 2020
  • REPLACE Financial Report: an overview of the spending plan and the cost reported for the 1st period
  • Cross-Regional Synergies learning output: an introduction
  • Steering Committee: with the following decisions 

                    1. 3rd REPLACE web seminar confirmed for the 25 of June 2020 at 11.00 to discuss the                         ongoing work on the Local Analysis 

                    2. Communication Team coordination meeting to be organized in the 1st week of July

                    3. Dates for the REPLACE event in Crete: 06-07-08 of October 2020

                    4. Dates for the REPLACE event in La Reunion: 08-09-10-11 of December 2020

                    5. Revised implementation plan for the 3rd semester will be prepared and discussed                         during the next webinar

                    6. REPLACE project invitation to participate in the Policy Lab

All presentations are collected in a dedicated folder in the Library Section