Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, #replaceteam safely met online on Thursday 12/11/2020,

to demonstrate the progress on the Local Analysis learning output.

The event was planned and organized by CCDRC Centro Region of Portugal Commission for Coordination and Development.

The Local Analysis is a methodology developed through the Horizon 2020 project SCREEN to support the regions in analyzing and identifying circular economy capabilities and potentialities; a comprehensive explanation is available here

CCDRC presented the results of their ongoing work on the application of the Local Analysis, highlighting the sectors with the greater potential for the transition toward a circular economy.

Fryslàn province evidenced the strategic sectors for the circular economy and introduced how REPLACE efforts were exploited to review the circular economy policy instruments, underlining the need for a comprehensive educational strategy in the vocational field.

Crete region presented its focus sectors and the results of the stakeholders' interview process that was implemented during the summer.

After an interesting exchange among all participants, the provisional plan for the implementation of REPLACE activities was presented: the Steering Committee decided to launch a Google Module to collect feedbacks from all partners.

As planned, REPLACE next web meeting will be on the 10/12/2020 at 11.00 CET to discuss best practices and barriers.