2020 will certainly be a memorable year!

Despite the confusion that the COVID outbreak brought to the implementation plan and to the travel arrangements, #REPLACEteam managed to recover quickly and to reinvent the working timeline.
Here is an overview of what has been done so far:

1. The events organized by Lead Partner Lazio Region in Rome for the 5th and 6th March 2020 were canceled at the last minute due to the novel Coronavirus

2. 1st web meeting on 01/04/2020 focusing on Circular Economy Assessment Criteria

3. 2nd web meeting on 20/05/2020 introducing the Cross-Regional Synergies learning output 

4. 3rd web meeting on 25/06/2020 presenting the proceedings for the work on Local Analysis

5. Communication team web meeting on 02/07/2020 for arranging and coordinating

6. 4th web meeting on 08/07/2020 concluding semester 2


7. 5th web meeting on 10/09/2020 focusing on Circularity Excellence Benchmark

8. 6th web meeting on 08/10/2020 introducing the Action Plan

9. European Week of Regions and Cities Pitch 'How to Assess Circular Economy projects?' on 13/10/2020

10. European Week of Regions and Cities participatory Lab 'Developing pathways for the Circular Economy?' on 20/10/2020 

11. 7th web meeting on 12/11/2020 to address the implementation's progress of the Local Analysis

12. REPLACE presentation at the European Economic and Social Committee online hearing 'Industrial transition towards a green and digital European economy: regulatory requirements and the role of social partners and civil society', on 16/11/2020

13. 8th web meeting on 10/12/2020 dedicated to the exchange of good practices and to the Circularity Benchmark

      #replaceteam takes this occasion to wish you a delightful 2021, while demonstrating its moral support to all those negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, our hearts go out to those who have lost family members and friends due to the virus.