At first glance, the focus will be on clarifying and working out the detailed plan of the project activities. The participants will engage in interactive discussions of their activities and priorities for advancing methodologies related to the project work package “Exchange of Experience”. The output of this workshop will serve as a basis for building a more efficient cooperation and for assuring an effective implementation of all the activities. The participants are requested to introduce their own Institution and share with all partners the main information about the policy instrument that will be addressed.


  • Introduction of the Project Partners and Policy Instruments
  • Administrative and financial Aspects 
  • Dissemination and Communication Strategy
  • Methodology for State of the Art 
  • Methodology for charrette workshops
  • Methodology for peer-reviews
  • Methodology for the collection of Good Practices 
  • Evaluation of Good Practices: set up clear criteria to identify Good Practices that can be implemented in our Case Study Regions
  • Preparing Action Plan
  • Setting up a monitoring and evaluation system related to RENATUR
  • Project Calendar
  • Introduction to the members of Stakeholders group by each Project Partner
  • NetMap training