17.00-18.30    Project Partner meeting @ RWZ (Erzherzog Johann-Strabe 3), 3rd floor in SR MinPe 2                         (Room 317)

                            - Industrial Modernisation Partnership

                            - Potential to change addressed Policy Instruments

                                        * Structural differences among partners

                            - Discussing and finalising the Peer Review Process

                            - Financial Reporting

                            - Scheduling for the next project period

                            - Agenda for the next days

Map to the meeting location from the Kongress hotel:

19.00               Dinner @ Arkandehof "Schwarzer Adler" (at main square)


8.00-9.00         Registration @ the main building of montanuniversität (Franz Josef Strabe 18),                              1st Floor in "Sitzungszimmer"

9.00-9.30         Welcome words and introduction to agenda

9.30-10.00       Short presentation of participants

10.00-12.00        Input presentations

                            - Austrian mineral Resources Plan

                                        * Current status & problems

                                        * Mag. Dr. Robert Holnsteiner (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and                                             Economy, BMWFW

                            - Stakeholder view:

                                         * Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Erich Dallhammer (Austrian Institute for Spatial Planning, OIR)

                                         * Mineral policy governance in Europe: good practice examples in EU                                             Member states (MIN-GUIDE)

                                         * Regional View (TBA)

12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-16.00    Discussions

                                         * Discussions in table groups (1Q per table)

                                         * Creating outputs

16.00-17.00    Summary and wrap up

Coffee will be available during the discussions, 2 breaks during the afternoon

Map to the meeting location from the Kongress hotel:

19.00                Dinner


8.00-13.00    Peer Review site visit to Steirischer Erzberg

                                * Mine Tour

                                * Active mining and subsequent use

                                * Tour starts at 8.30

                                * Return to Leoben before 13.00