Through the participation in the RELOS3 project, the Wielkopolska Region searched for specific opportunities for the implementation of RIS3 on local/subregional level, inspired by the project's  policy learning process and the good practices discussed. At the same time, one of the outcomes of the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process was an identification of new possible subregional and also regional specialisation, i.e., clean energy. 

In searching the way in involvement local actors, especially from least performing subregions, Wielkopolska came to a fundamental conclusion, namely that RIS3 is not only about building on the outstanding research, technological development and and economic assets but also about transformation of traditional economic sectors facing external pressures.  Additional positive influence may come from linking local actors to innovation systems.

This insight inspired regional authorities and stakeholders to address the need for economic transformation in all subregions in Wielkopolska, with special emphasis on Konin and Piła.  Through a renewed Entrepreneurial Discovery process, a new potential horizontal specialisation area of zero emission energy technology (especially hydrogen) was uncovered.

Wielkopolska Region undertakes actions to support the development of zero-emission technologies, with particular emphasis on hydrogen, through active cooperation of self-government, economic, scientific and social environments.

The process of smart specialisation re-definition on subregional level has been launched by setting a direction of the transition towards hydrogen-based solutions in collaboration within quadruple-helix. This formula in Wielkopolska has been implemented in a form of “Wielkopolska Hydrogen Platform” involving business, R&D sector, authorities and society.

Particularly, the purpose of the Platform is creating a network of business, science, local governments and non-governmental organizations for supporting development of the whole hydrogen ecosystem in Wielkopolska. 

Within The Wielkopolska Hydrogen Platform the following parties cooperate:

  • Business Panel (includes entrepreneurs and representatives of Business Environment Institutions),
  • Science Panel (includes representatives of universities and research units),
  • Local Government Leaders Panel (includes members of the local government executive bodies or representatives of the management board of a territorial unit authorized by the executive body),
  • Citizens' Panel (includes other representatives of local governments, including local government constituting bodies, representatives of non-governmental organizations, citizens interested in involvement in the development of a hydrogen-based economy).

Through these initiatives, Wielkopolska Region wants to change global challenges into opportunities.