Our lead partner is continuing its stakeholder sessions.  The second of a series of three was held on 24 May 2019, and looked into the most suitable development angle for the action plan that results from the RELOS3 project.  All the local and regional action plans will be presented at the project's event in Groningen, in November 2019.

The meeting was also attended by Joan Sansaloni, on behalf of ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency to foster Catalonia's competitiveness.  He updated all 10 participants of the latest developments at state and European level.  He pointed out that the current guidelines increase member countries' power over development of suitable RIS3 strategies.

Building on the previous meeting in which it had been established that local and regional cooperation needed to be stimulated, that multi-agent governance is an important factor and that also involvement from the private sector needs to be encouraged, now two new actions emerged:

  • a governance action aiming at improving the governance among RIS3Cat current instruments, inspired by the good practices identified in Malta and the Basque Country
  • pilot activities aimed at demonstrating the positive effects of implementing the model discussed in the previous bullet point, similar to the good practice seen in Tartu (Estonia)

The meeting ended with all discussing which actions should be undertaken to achieve the set goals.  The next meeting will be held in September.