On Friday 5 April, RELOS3 lead partner, the City of Sabadell, hosted a meeting for its key stakeholders to discuss and develop the Local Action Plan (LAP) that results form the RELOS3 project and is going to be an important tangible result.

In the discussions, it was important for the stakeholders to start realising that the LAP should be congruent with the economic ecosystem of the area.  It should also be complementary to the territorial strategy chosen by the European Structural Development Fund, in order to maximise actual uptake of the plan.

In order to involve all partners, an overview of all the achievements of RELOS3 was given, and the outline of the actions that still needed to be done.  It was important to also discuss the LAP itself and the necessary elements of such a plan, learning from best practices from other Interreg Europe projects.

Then, an agile way of working in smaller groups was found, in which best practices were selected and potential in other areas of Catalonia discussed, including definition of the stakeholders that could be involved in actually achieving it.

On this note, the meeting ended, with participants ready to take on two more days of cooperation in order to prepare the first draft.