Research and Innovation in Malta’s Maritime Sector - ME hosts public consultation on Smart Specialisation  

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and Malta Enterprise organised a thematic consultation session on Malta’s Maritime sector on Friday 5 April. This session was organised as part of Malta Enterprise’s involvement of the RELOS3 project and contributes to the process lead by MCST to design and shape Malta’s new Smart Specialisation Strategy post-2020.

The consultation provided participants with the opportunity to discuss the sector’s capacity and potential for research and innovation and identify challenges that could be addressed in Malta’s smart specialisation strategy. Breakout sessions helped develop further a number of the areas discussed.  

Local entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials and citizens all contributed and shared their views.  The results taken from this session will feed into the RELOS3 local action plan which is currently being drafted and which will be presented to the relevant local policy makers in the second half of this year. The report will contain a number of proposals to promote the deployment of innovative technologies in the maritime sectors and adjacent industries, as well as economic pillar of the Maltese economy.