The RELOS3 project went back to its origin with a long-term visit to its lead partner, the Economic Development Agency of Sabadell in Catalonia, Spain.  All partners took part in this visit, so views from all over Europe could be exchanged.  

Focus on Institutions and Mutual Exchange

Sabadell was particularly interested in showcasing two aspects of their local eco-system: the robust number of institutions supporting the innovation process and all parts in the Quadruple Helix (i.e. business, academia, government and civil society).

Letitat Technology Centre showed their extensive facilities showcasing their scaled-up 3D-printing facilities, not only with plastics but with metal and metal alloys too. ESDi Higher School of Design and Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell that who graciously hosted our meetings, provided an excellent backdrop to our discussions on the Catalan ecosystem, and comparing it to other regions.

Exchange in the Quadruple Helix

A full day exchange at the Industrial Centre of Can Roqueta was very memorable. In the midst of numerous SMEs, projects from throughout Catalonia came to exchange thoughts and ideas on their approach to working with the Smart Specialisation strategy of Catalonia. The exchange let all participants to strengthen their skills and get to know the diversity. This is used in the development of Regional Action Plans for each partner as a tangible result of the project.

View of a stakeholder

On behalf of Tartu, also Erkki Jõgi of the Estonian University of Life Sciences took part and noted: 

The meeting has provided excellent examples of cooperation and innovation in ways to maximise benefits to our community. Experience, as gained on different management levels provides marvellous opportunities for future decisions, conduct teaching in universities and adjust production with target to gain better results in future. Personally, I am satisfied to see that research conducted in universities is relevant to companies who are willing to put the results into practice.

Next stop: Bologna

Building on this formula, partners from Bologna (Italy) and Tartu (Estonia) are organising events in their regions, followed by an international dissemination event.