As you may recall, we already explained the importance of local events to the RELOS3 project in an earlier news article.  We want to high-light a special type of event, namely the local dissemination event.  Such events serve to inform a wider audience (i.e. beyond the direct stakeholders) about the project.

Usually, they are done together with other activities that are related to topics of the RELOS3 project.  For example, the local authority of Emmen organised it together with the local Europe Direct information point.  The events were on funding by the EU, and RELOS3 illustrated how European funds are used currently in the region, and how RELOS3 aims to influence these processes.  You can see one of our colleagues with the RELOS3 material in the accompanying picture.

If you as a stakeholder, or any other party interested in RELOS3 wants to offer an opportunity to hear more about RELOS3 and provide an opportunity for dissemination, don't hesitate to get in touch.