24-25 April, Sofia (Bulgaria)

RELOS3 is one of the Interreg Europe projects taking part in the Experience Fair on 24 and 25 April in Sofia.  Will you be there too?  If so, we will be happy to discuss the latest news from our project, and of course to hear about yours!

13-14 June, Seville (Spain)

The fifth (and final) Thematic Event will be held on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June.  This event is organised together with the S3 Platform at their headquarters in Seville.  It will be a capacity building event, addressing three target groups: politicians, management authorities and S3 practitioners.

Politicians and management authorities will benefit especially from the first day of the event.  They will get a good update on the most recent concepts and trends in local and regional innovation policies, with a special focus on smart specialisation at the local level.  The event will focus on practical examples, with presentation and discussion of relevant good practices.

Of course, S3 practitioners are an important target group too, and building up synergies between them and politicians of each territory is an important goal of this meeting.  The second day is entirely devoted to capacity building for S3 practitioners.

More details along with the final agenda will be published on the RELOS3 website in due course.

Long-term visits

The following long-term visits are planned as follows:

Emmen: October 2018

Sabadell: November 2018

Malta: February 2019

Wielkopolska: March 2019