All partners in the RELOS3 project make certain that the project is presented in local events. At the same time, stakeholder groups are held regularly, ensuring that project partners are kept informed about the latest developments in the project.

Both the local events and stakeholders groups have been defined in RELOS3's project objectives and help to increase the impact of the project.  In this case, we do not only 'send' but also 'receive'.  Collected feedback is very valuable.

To provide an illustration about how this is actually done: the local authority of Emmen has teamed up with the local Europe Direct Centre to disseminate information about the project.  In two meetings, the project was discussed, one related to EFSI, and the other one in a more general debate on EU policies.  RELOS3 provided a perfect example of how European parties can join forces to achieve a common goal.

The Spanish partner, held their meeting at Treball i Empresa - Ajuntament de Sabadell, and discussed the need to align local and regional innovation policies, as well as the benefits of innovation and smart specialisation.

Lastly, the Wielkopolska Region presented RELOS3 at a local Business Forum, and you can see this in the picture.

Three different approaches, all serving the same goal: to get the message of RELOS3 across and to discuss successful deployment of the Smart Specialisation Strategies in a local context.

In the picture you can see Elizabeth Duda of our Polish partner Wielkopolska Region presenting the project at a regional Business Forum.