On December 16th, the Metropolitan City of Bologna organized an online study visit focused on the Clust-ER Greentech and its role in the green business ecosystem of the Emilia-Romagna region.

The cluster is an association of more than 80 public and private bodies, being a co-design place to increase the competitiveness of the regional production system and S3 implementation.

During the meeting participants reflected on S3 place-based approach, the needs of reinforce the 4-helix collaboration and the opportunities opened with the new programming period.

The Study visit was organized within the Interreg Europe project GRESS- GREen Startup Support (Interreg Europe program); partners from Since-AFC, START-EASY and RELOS3 participated too: if the Covid restrictions have taken away from us the possibility to meet in presence, meeting online has allowed us to push cross-fertilization!