RELOS3's 3rd Thematic Event (TE3) evolves around the Challenge of including the private sector. In this context, issues such as how to develop private-public partner projects in line with the Regional Smart Specialisations are important, and good practices from around the partnership will be collected.


The event kicks off with a masterclass on links between RIS3 and industry, with input from renowned experts Urmas Varblane (Professor of International Business at the University of Tartu) and Kalev Kaarna (Manager of Centre of Competence for Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing). 

Sector-based approach

With fresh knowledge on linking RIS3, industry and the other parties in the Quadruple Helix, we are going to look into specific sector.  In Estonia, particularly the ICT, biotechnology, metal and wood working provide great examples on how industry plays their role in meeting the overarching RIS3 goal.

In the second day, this will be illustrated with input from initiatives such as SmartEnCity and sTARTUp Day, as well as company visits.


All RELOS3 partners and their stakeholders are cordially invited to participate in this conference.  Any external parties are also most welcome to attend, provided they sign up before hand through the conference organiser (Siim Espenberg) at the contact details shown above.