National Science Days of Agriculture, “Maataloustieteen päivät” is the most important science event in the sector of agriculture in Finland. The event was 8-9th January 2020 in Helsinki, and it consisted of seminars, plenary sessions and a wide poster exhibition of newest research results. There was over 600 participants from all the key organisations in the field. 

Finnish partner of Regions4Food-project, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences presented Regions4Food and the regional outcomes of the mappings from spring 2019: “the identification of barriers and needs related to the digitisation of the agrifood sector” in the poster session of the event. The event also offered a great possibility to discuss and network with people researching and developing related themes.

In the other posters and seminars of the event, there was also several insights considering the future of food sector and digitalisation in the food value chain. For example the English ones: “Digital tool and knowhow for valued grain chain”; “Insect Pest Monitoring with IoT” and “The need for User-centred innovations in future agrotechnology”. The event was very interesting view to the newest research of the agri-food sector in Finland and digitalisation in it. It was also a very good place to present the project, outcomes of the mappings and future plans to the participants from the sector. Regions4Food is dealing with highly timely and important issue.

The abstracts (mostly in Finnish) can be found here: 

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