Study Visits Time

The third release of the Regions 4Food newsletter is entirely dedicated to the project Study Visits partners have been attending since May and that will end in 2020.

During the last six months we have been working hard to exchange within our consortium the best our territories have to offer in terms of policies, actions, initiatives developed to encourage and facilitate digital transformation in the agrifood sector.

Our aim is to improve single regions' public policies and, in turn, to make it easier for all the actors working along the Agrifood value chain to adopt digital technologies. This would definitely help them, form the biggest one to the smallest farm, making their productive processes more efficient and sustainable.


Pays de La Loire, France - May 28-29

On 27th, 28th and 29th May, the Pays de la Loire Region welcomed the European Regions involved in the Regions4Food project, their local stakeholders, as well as the Pays de la Loire stakeholders...
Read what happened

South Ostrobothnia, Finland - Sep 5-6

In Regions4Food project, semester 3 is all about learning from each other’s Good Practices. In the beginning of September, South Ostrobothnia was in turn to host the visit. Read the first part | Read the second part

Andalusia, Spain - Sep 23-24

Last 23-24 september, it was the Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development who welcomed project partners to their study visit. Read what happened...

Limburg, Netherlands - Oct 9-10

Last 9-10 October, it was the Limburg Province House and Yookr B.V. who welcomed project partners to their study visit. 
Read what happened...

Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Oct 24-25

The study visit started with a series of presentations. Maria Grazia Zucchini from ART-ER welcomed all participants and described what to expect from the two-days full immersion in the Emilia-Romagna ecosystem. Read the first part | Read the second part

Success story

We’ve had some interesting outcomes from the visits:

Limburg entrepreneur Spyros Bousyos, from Brite Solar Technologies has identified the potential of the Andalusia region to develop commercial partnerships. A visit to greenhouses and open ground crops such as fruit and olive trees and vineyards is foreseen on February 2020, organised by the Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Also, during the Pays the la Loire study visit, one of the stakeholders of our Finnish partner met with a company from Nantes and they ended up starting a collaboration. Enjoy the story!