This first release of the Regions 4Food newsletter hosts news coming directly from project activities, from the Traceability and Big Data S3 Agrifood Platform and from the European Commission; together with a news regarding a call for solution promoted by a H2020 project, it will be possible to find among others a two times report of the meeting that was held in Bilbao last November 27th and 28th and a series of 2019 events concerning the digital transformation in the Agrifood sector.

Latest News 

Are EU companies adopting digital technologies?

3 lessons learnt from Dublin's Communication seminar

6 months of Regions4Food in Pays de la Loire

Bilbao Tales: Day 2 of the S3 Platforms meeting

A call to build new digitech value chains

Bilbao Tales: Day 1 of the S3 Platforms meeting

Agrifood online platform to work with Regions4Food

Digitization in Emilia-Romagna Agrifood companies

Upcoming Events


Food safety in the EU: Maintaining high standards and ensuring transparency of information, Brussels (BE)

June 2019

Smart Agri-Food Summit, Malaga (ES)

April 2019

Case studies of regional practice on T&BD, Pazardzhik (BG)

May 2019

2nd Steering Committee REGIONS 4 FOOD, Nantes (FR)


Andalucia Digital Week, Sevilla (ES)