Last November 16th ASTER organized its first Regions4Food dissemination event, that was the occasion to try to answer to some questions concerning the integration of digital technologies in traditional productive sector of the regional economy, the Agrifood one, that is one of the most important indeed.

Some facts and figures concerning the potentialities of the region in the field of digital technologies were presented that are going to have an impact on the Agrifood ecosystem:

  • Emilia-Romagna hosts 70% of supercomputing capacity at national level, due to the presence of infrastructures such as CINECA and INFN;
  • Bologna is going to host the Data Centre of the ECMWF, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
  • the regional Big Data Association will be soon operative with the aim to support companies in adopting advanced technologies
  • the Agrifood and ICT regional clusters are ready to support companies in the integration of digital technologies in their daily productive processes.

It was also the occasion to highlight how a wrong approach can prevent companies from traditional sectors such as agriculture from adopting new technologies, and also how education plays a key role in fostering innovation: Emilia-Romagna region has just released a BIg Data training programme for graduated students.

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