Project good practices

Industry 4.0 sample factory training and demonstration project...

Summary: Industry 4.0 sample factory training and demonstration project for small and medium sized food industry enterprises to capitalise on their information and data.

Location: Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)

Digitisation for the enhanced output performance of dairy cow...

Summary: Information and communication technologies to support decision making in farm management, operation and input-output sides of dairy cow breeding and lactation

Location: Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)

Successful, sensor and data driven plant growing with 17 years of...

Summary: Sensor and data driven plant growing illustrating the technical, organisational and economic aspects of precision farming for farm development.

Location: Dél-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)


Joint large scale R&D strategic projects in agri-food sector

Summary: An Emilia-Romagna measure to build stronger links between research laboratories and regional companies, enhancing growth and competitiveness in key sectors.

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)


Summary: Forum S3 are instruments adopted by the Emilia-Romagna S3 governance to evaluate the strategy impact and to provide recommendations for S3 revision.

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

IRRINET- expert system for irrigation scheduling

Summary: Irrinet is a DSS providing irrigation advice for main water-demanding crops: real-time irrigation scheduling via SMS on how much and when to irrigate farm crops

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

National Educational programme “Training for an ICT career

Summary: Free extra-curriculum training in software development for high-school students to acquire profesional qualification of „Application Developer”.

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

NEFERTITI project Demo Farms and Networking for Agro-food...

Summary: NEFERTITI project: networking European farms for innovation uptake through demonstration. 10 thematic networks involving 45 regional clusters: farmers & actors.

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Demonstration Center of “16plus1Cloud” Digital E-commerce...

Summary: DemoCenter for E-commerce in agrifood products between China and the CEE countries to promote young entrepreneurs from these countries to use the Platform.

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

“16plus1Cloud” Digital E-commerce Logistic Hub

Summary: Commerce between China and the CEE countries within the „17+1”Initiative - functions as a digital virtual warehouse and logistic service.

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

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