Project Events

Emilia-Romagna's 2nd Stakeholders Group Meeting


The Emilia-Romagna working group will also select and discuss regional best...

Type: Project

Next Stakeholders' meeting in Pays de la Loire


Pays de la Loire Region' next stakeholders’ meeting will be held on the 12th of...

Type: Project

Pazardhik's 1st local event to be held in February


An event will be organised in February in the framework of the Development...

Type: Project

Growth for the Food Sector


Dissemination event for Regions 4Food – project in South Ostrobothnia, Finland...

Type: Project

Bilbao will host the S3 Thematic Platform Days

27/11/2018 - 28/11/2018

The S3 Thematic Platforms Conference and Meetings will be held on the 27th and...

Type: Project

Digitisation in Emilia-Romagna companies


ASTER is organizing a Regions 4Food event to discover the state of the art of...

Type: Project

First ASTER's Stakeholder Group Meeting


Next October 30 ASTER will host the 1st Regions 4Food stakeholder group meeting

Type: Project

Kick off meeting

21/06/2018 - 22/06/2018

Next 21 and 22 June in Malaga the kick off meeting of Regions 4Food project

Type: Project