The 4th Local Stakeholders Group Meeting of the Molise Region took place online on the 3rd of July. The meeting coordinated by Mrs Patrizi Niro and Mr. Celestino Manselli connected 25 participants, among them representatives of University of Molise, SME associations, Entrepreneurs and several artists and technicians involved in the dissemination event “INGEGNARSI”, recently organised (11/14 June 2020) to spread information about RegionArts.

Ms. Niro couldn't help addressing the main features of RegionArts and showcase a collaborative video of INGEGNARSI. All the participants see the relevance of being involved in the main RegionArts event (ICT Meets the Arts) and showed enthusiasm about the possibility of being involved again in future RegionArts activities (in particular the Action Plan). All the interventions were interesting and provided useful input for the development of RegionArts. To name just a couple, a Councilor of the Municipality of Campobasso, Ms Paola Felice, underlined that Molise Region and Municipality of Campobasso is the first time that cooperates in relation to “I Misteri”, the most important intangible cultural asset of Molise, and this is a good example of multilevel governance to exploit further, also in other areas related to local development. Professor Flavia Monceri (University of Molise), underlined the importance of networking of skills and ideas that is crucial to try to bring innovation even in very traditional activities and historical events. 

After this presentations, and the debate about INGEGNARSI, Mr Manselli updated the participants about the recent RegionArts activities and invited them to meet again after the summer break to collect ideas/opinions useful to finalise the draft agenda of “ICT meets the Arts” as well the design of the activities to include in the Action plan.