Onassis Stegi is initiating the “Geographies of ΑΙ” program to explore the question of Artificial Intelligence (AI) geographies, by inviting residency applications that wish to engage in an artistic ethnography on forms of AI and their impact on subjectivity, bodies, time and urban space.

The idea is to answer to these challenges: 

  • What are the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how does it (re)define space as a result of a process of constant algorithmic mediation of physical spaces and human interaction?
  • Does our ubiquitously algo-mediated life entail a new form of existence that is profoundly post-human?
  • What kind of species inhabit this new algo-cene period and what kind of subjectivities are developed in such human-non-human ecologies?
  • How do we construct, interpret and share narratives and how do these narratives feed the very algorithms that bring them into existence?
  • How does the urban environment change as a result of AI and IoT applications and what does that mean for urban dwellers that co-inhabit multiple realities physical and digital at the same time? 

Resident artists are invited to explore, speculate, contemplate and create on the theme of AI and its emerging topologies. Applicants are asked to respond to any of the aforementioned challenges and issues. They ask for proposals that question the boundaries between data science, urban design and art and propose new ways of existing within algo-mediated environments. They seek an active reinterpretation of the relationship with polis not merely as a city but most importantly as an assembly of humans, algorithms, buildings, urban fauna and flora that strives to represent and be represented.

More Information about the Residency

Two applicants will be selected for an artistic residency through the open call, from April to July 2020 for the duration of one month each. The location of the residency will be in facilities provided by Onassis STEGI, ATHENS, Greece. Applications must be submitted online and include a CV, portfolio of past works, and a preliminary description and plan of the proposed project to be developed within the residency. 

More Information can be found here: www.onassis.org/open-calls/geographies-ai-residency-open-call