Marlou van der Cruijsen, program leader at Baltan Laboratories was invited to present Baltan Laboratories and its program to Art Communication & Design students at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (FHK) in Tilburg

As part of the ‘module week’ of Art Communication & Design, Ms Marlou van der Cruijsen gave a lecture about Baltan Laboratories vision, main themes and program. She also took this opportunity to present unique projects on this topic. 

After diving into Baltans three main themes - Homo Sensorium, Homo Socialis and Homo Economicus – she talked about RegionArts and the relevance of the project for a cultural lab such as Baltan. For Baltan, RegionArts is about exploring ways to improve cross-sectoral collaboration between the arts and ICT through policy changes. Baltan Laboratories is convinced that bridging the gap between disciplines, sectors and perspectives is key in facing current societal challenges. By exploring how to facilitate this with policy instruments, RegionArts contributes to creating a climate wherein meaningful collaborations emerge.