Porto Design Factory, unit of the Polytechnic of Porto, and leader of the Interreg Europe project RegionArts, organized the meeting of the Local Stakeholders Group on the 29th of November 2019. The meeting focused on sharing good practices, policy instruments and support measures (Regional and European level), to discuss a future action plan to foster the integration of Arts with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the promotion of innovation in SMEs of the northern region of Portugal.

  The purpose of the meeting was to disseminate the knowledge acquired in the context of the project, notably as part of the latest initiative for the exchange of experiences between the partners from the 8 European regions of the consortium, which took place from 5th to 7th of November in Brussels: " 5th Exchange of Experience - Screening practices in partner regions - Good Practices ". 

The involvement of Stakeholders, representatives of entities such as the Enterprise Association of Portugal - Enterprise Europe Network (AEP - EEN) and the National Portuguese ICT Cluster (TICE.PT), initiatives such as Braga Media Arts and Digitópia of Casa da Música, the Human-Centered Design department of Fraunhofer Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions - AICOS, Hubs and Clusters of the Creative Industries such as DINAMO 10 and Oliva Creative Factory, have a fundamental contribution and bring added value to the RegionArts project, not only by the knowledge exchange but also for supporting dissemination to the local communities of the northern region of Portugal.