In the framework of the project ‘Enhancing SME growth by the integration of Artists in ICT projects’ - RegionArts under INTERREG EUROPE Programme, the Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) organised the 3rd Local Stakeholders’ Group (LSG) meeting ‘Assessing trends & good practices in CCIs & ICT sectors’ on Tuesday November 26th 2019, at Hellenic Design Centre.  This third meeting with the stakeholders was attended by representatives from public and regional authorities, academic/research institutes, cultural organisations and schemes. 

The participants were informed about the work progress of RegionArts project and then the results of European research studies for cultural and creative industries (CCIs) were presented, and – more specifically – the ‘Market Analysis of the Cultural and Creative Sector in Europe’ by the European Investment Fund and ‘The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor’ – 2019 edition.

Afterwards, a presentation was made about the news and trends in Europe in relation to CCIs and ICT, based on the information gathered during the last exchange of experience meeting of RegionArts project in Brussels. In more detail, KEPA’s team referred to: the EU policy context for the cultural and creative sectors; indicative statistical data of Eurostat; the regional dimension through existing networks and initiatives; the funding opportunities; the next programming period; some projects that stood out for their innovative sight.

Then the interactive workshop ‘Assessing trends and good practices in the CCIs and ICT sectors’ followed. At first, the steps of the methodology taken so far were summarized (mapping of the ecosystem, identification of challenges, SWOT analysis). Next, seven selected good practices highlighted through RegionArts project were presented, which the participants in groups prioritized according to the interest that they present to our region. The groups then analysed the four first good practices by defining the elements that led them to the final selection. The final stage was to choose four challenges of the ecosystem and to match the individual elements of the good practices that could contribute to tackling each challenge.

All the attendants actively participated in this interactive workshop, shared their experiences and concerns, had a fruitful dialogue and came up with useful results that shall help us move on to the next stage, that is the elaboration of concrete proposals and actions, which will contribute to enhancing synergies among the ecosystem of CCIs – ICT – Innovation for the further development of these sectors in Central Macedonia.