In the framework of RegionArts Molise Region organized the “ICT Meets the Arts – Libriamoci” event, held under the Italian campaign “Libriamoci a Scuola”, in partnership with the “Centre for the book” and the reading of MIBAC (Ministry for the goods and the cultural activities and for the tourism). The event was held on the 19th and 20th of November 2020, from 10 am to 13 pm, on the digital platform “Docety”.

The event has been focused on the importance of the reading dissemination, on the value of the book and its future in the framework of the digital publishing, whose productive process and contents are implemented through ICT and art assistance, target sector of RegionArts. The chosen field, among the proposed ones within the scope of the loud reading campaign, was “Infected by the ideas”.

On every single day of the event, two complementary sessions have been carried out:

  • the first one where, through the voices of the professional artists, high secondary school students run into meaningful pages of the contemporary Italian and European literature, in an all-embracing way;
  • the second one in which the participants have discussed the applications of literature in the field of podcast and audiobook production, video games through a laboratory of ideas, which has been attended by students, teachers, experts, sector entrepreneurs and other interested stakeholders.

The 2 days event was attended by students and teachers of 3 Higher Education Institutes actively involved in the selection of the books to read during the 2 working days: "Pertini" (Campobasso), “Majorana-Fascitelli” (Isernia) and "A. Romita" (Campobasso). The main actors of the event were the book’s authors, actors, radio authors, music artists, entrepreneurs in the ICT and creative sectors, representatives of Universities and Social Media Influencers.

Ms Carla Maria Russo, author of “Lola will be born at the age of eighteen”

On 19th November, the novel proposed by the “Pertini” Institute of higher education located in the city of Campobasso is “Lola will be born at the age of eighteen” written by Ms Carla Maria Russo. The author presents the novel which is set in Milan during the 2nd World War from 1943 to 1945 and the end of the stories has been set in the Sixties. In the novel, there are 3 main interconnected topics, the crime, as the novel started with a murder, the love, as the main character is Mara, a young wealthy woman in love with Mario, a young poor worker, and the war, that changes all the lives of the characters.

Ms Paola Cerimele and Mr Raffaello Lombardi, the “readers interpreting” with their voices, part of the discussed books

The actors Ms Paola Cerimele and Mr Raffaello Lombardi have interpreted with their voices some pieces of the stories, read during the 2 days events: “Lola will be born at the age of eighteen” by Carla Maria Russo, “The sea color of wine” by Leonardo Sciascia and “1984” by George Orwell. They stressed the importance of the reading but also the importance to record themselves during the performance, in order to understand what has been improved by the characters of the novels.

Ms Letizia Bindi – Professor of the University of Molise, Ms Fabiana Carobolante - radio author and responsible for the column “Ad alta voce” on Radio3 Rai and Mr Mario Palladino – music artist and entrepreneur

On 19th November, in the second part of the event, the participants have discussed the applications of literature in the field of podcast and audiobook production, in the workshop “Reading and podcasts” led by Professor Letizia Bindi, and with the participation of Ms Fabiana Carobolante and Mr Mario Palladino. Technical details about the podcast, nowadays an audio product worldwide famous, and the audio-video has been delivered, underlining concept as “The technology is another form of the handicraft”.

Mr Stefano Ricciardi – Professor of the University of Molise and Mr Nicola Palmieri - Influencer and CEO of Docety srl

The last part of the event on the 20th of November, the attendees have been involved in a deep technical discussion in the workshop “Videogames and Literature” led by Stefano Ricciardi and Mr Nicola Palmieri, CEO of Docety srl, a web platform where many training courses and webinars are organized. Both of them work in the videogame sector and during the workshop underlined the relevance of the “stories”, the “texts”, the “narrative structures” in building the scenarios and the characters of the videogames.

The event showed the participants interest in the topic, as several questions were asked especially during the workshops, about the read novels as well as about technical aspects of the podcasts, the audio-videos and the videogames, highlighting that in this type of products, during the last decade, there has been increasing recognition of the importance of artistic and creative processes as catalysers of innovation, a core concept of the RegionArts project.