RegionArts has turned all its activities to online mode and the last Exchange of Experience was no exception. Condensed in two days the remote event organized by ENTER Koprivnica (held on 19th and 21st January 2021) was the perfect opportunity to focus on the drafts of Project Partners Action Plans, to share and discuss the organization of our flagship event ‘ICT meets the ARTS’ and to start the debate on future project activities including a potential continuation of RegionArts outside of Interreg Europe programme.

Our first day was specially dedicated to a peer-learning exercise (with outbreak rooms and external experts) and after a presentation of the organising partner - Enter Koprivnica and its Incubator of Creative Industries – RegionArts partnership embarked on a virtual visit to this special space.

Next on the agenda was the discussion on ‘ICT meets the ARTS’ and its potential momentum if we continue organizing them in the 8 target regions of the project. The plan, for now, is to continue raising awareness of the promise of collaborations between technologists and artists and take advantage of the 'virtual setting’ uses the pandemic increased.

We can now positively say our Action Plans are on track and the clear link between the activities and future actions is clearer than ever. We can wait to share with all of you the results!