Representatives of ENTER Koprivnica, Sanja Premec Sušanj and Vesna Vrhovec, held yet another stakeholder meeting, this time with the Sanja Fišer and her colleague Mila Ćorić (both from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia).

Enter took this chance to share the planned activities from the Action Plan and discussed it with these vital stakeholders about it. Mrs Fišer told ENTER that given the current situation and local elections in 2021, their plan was a wise one. She could not overlook the fact the activities were directed locally (and acceptable to all), but could also be extended to other local governments (who also recognize the potential of these activities).

The meeting ended in yet another positive note, with ENTER inviting the stakeholders to the event “ICT meets the ARTs”. A draft of the program was shared and the invitation accepted.