On 30th December 2020, the team from ENTER Koprivnica organized a Local Stakeholders Group Meeting with the authorities of the City of Koprivnica. Attendees of this meeting, besides Enter team, Aldijana Matić Horvat and Vesna Vrhovec, were Ksenija Ostrižthe, deputy mayor of the City of Koprivnica and Zdravko Punčikar, Head of finance from Administrative Department for Finance, Economy and European Affairs of the City of Koprivnica.

The focus of the meeting was to discuss the Action Plan for Koprivnica and its proposed actions. The city authorities agreed with the measures proposed by ENTERand agreed to include a “Grant for stimulating interdisciplinary cooperation between the ART and IT sectors” among measures that will contribute strengthening of small and medium enterprises in the City of Koprivnica. Likewise, (the city) as the owner of the Incubator of Creative Industries and Business Incubator managed by ENTER, wants to be involved in the development of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Their approval of the Action Plan will indeed encourage collaborations among different sectors and promote innovative solutions.

The event 'ICT meets the ART' was also discussed, and both representatives of Koprivnica were happy to see how Enter managed to bring together experts from the ART and IT sector. This was also the chance to showcase the videos directed by ENTER on interesting solutions resulting from the collaborations between Arts and ICT.