Four best practices were presented during the two-day workshop organized in June 2017 by the Municipality of Niepołomice. The outline and technical specifications of the best practices were presented to allow partners to adopt the practices in their respective regions.

The workshop was held in the hospitable chambers of the Royal Castle in Niepołomice, a town and commune neighboring to Cracow – one of the biggest economic, cultural and academic centers in Poland.

The practices chosen by the REGIO MOB partnership for focusing on in Niepołomice were:

Tele Bus – demand responsive transport. The Tele-Bus is an on-demand “many to many” public transport service, with fixed stop points but flexible routes and timetables which operates every day in the south-eastern area of Kraków city and during defined operating hours. Tele-Bus service was based on the experiences of city of Genoa, which provided technology and know-how. Mrs. Drobniak-Salitra explained basic assumptions of the model, which were: - target area: public transport supply is lacking or limited; - 300 passengers to be served daily; - “many to many services” - routes and possible deviations to serve predefined stops on demand; - one type of vehicle, low capacity, up to 50 persons; - reservation system: a call to a TDC dispatcher, free of charge phone number, on-line and off-line reservation; - tariffs: same as for regular PT (city tickets in the zone system).

FAR, Fast Agglomeration Railway – fast agglomeration train combined with P&R systems. The strategic aim of the authorities of the region as regards the public transport is defined is: “To increase a role of the public collective transport in passenger journeys in the province”. According to the presenter, the objectives of the integration of the railways with city transport were met. They were:

  • To limit the number of cars entering Kraków and moving around the city;
  • To improve the transport system;
  • To reduce passengers’ transit times;
  • To improve the availability of transport services;
  • Use of one integrated ticket in both trains and urban public means;
  • To eliminate or reduce the number of transfers.

CHUMS, Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions (;

E-bike Net, a network of electric bicycles will connect Bulgaria and Romania.

The first day was fully dedicated to presentations and workshops, the second one – to site visits.