The REFORM project publishes its Policy Paper on Strengthening the role of regions in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. The document collects the project's main recommendations for regions regarding the development and implementation of SUMPs.  

Different areas of action

REFORM has identified several areas in which regions have the possibility to strengthen their role, in order to support municipalities in SUMP development. 

The main recommendations in these areas of action are:

  • Allocation of a role to regional authorities for SUMP adoption and development
  • Ensuring the complementarity of SUMPs in a regional planning context and ensuring consistency with other plans, strategies and objectives
  • Estabilishing and maintaining a constant communication with local governmants, stakeholders and citizens, at the regional level
  • Enhancing regional capacities to enable regions to support cities in SUMP development, implementation and monitoring
  • Ensuring effective assessment monitoring and future planning, through the use of a common regional set of performance indicators
  • Regions taking the responsibility and/or supporting local administrations in securing funding for sumps and action plans implementation

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