On 4th December 2018, during the REFORM Policy Conference, the four REFORM regions signed a joint policy declaration with the European Commission. This declaration summarises some of the main findings and recommendations of the project, after two years of activities. 

Focusing on new issues...

The activities of REFORM have encompassed many topics of crucial importance to spread the culture of SUMPs and increase their quality and impacts.  

  • Methodologies to encourage the adoption of SUMPs in medium-size and small cities, such as the involvement of local communities, strong collaboration with local technicians and key stakeholders;
  • Integration of different mobility and land-use planning instruments at a wider regional scale;
  • Use of innovative ICT techniques to improve the quality of SUMP, the accessibility to data and to involve citizens and stakeholders.

... and taking action

The close cooperation among all partners resulted in the achievement of the following results:

  • Increase of knowledge through a process of mutual learning and exchange of experiences;
  • A selection of good practices carried out at European level capable of inspiring innovative actions;
  • Increase of planning skills both for Regions and Municipalities, thanks to high-level SUMP training delivered to small groups;
  • Reflection on the key issues affecting SUMP policy planning and the role that Region can have in overcoming these challenges, i.e. the use of different approaches, capacity development, standardization and stakeholder involvement in SUMPs;
  • The definition of Regional Action Plans constituted by a set of new policy actions within the framework of the regional plans, which that are going to be implemented in the next phase of the project (2 years).

Insights and lessons learnt in REFORM resulted supported the development of a mobility vision which is being integrated in the planning documents and Operative Programmes of each Region.

A commitment for the future


In full cooperation with the Municipalities, REFORM Regions have taken the lead in the promotion of the uptake and implementation of SUMPs at local level, providing valuable support in the successful completion of the process. Through the joint declaration and the Policy conference, REFORM partners highlight the importance of SUMP engagement at all institutional levels and the key outcomes of two years of fruitful cooperation. By signing the declaration, the four REFORM regions re-affirmed: 

  • the importance of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) as strategic planning tools to foster low carbon mobility through ERDF funds and Regional Operative Programmes;
  • the key role of the Regions in SUMPs implementation and adoption, through the integration of planning competences, advanced mobility data collection and analysis, and support in behavioural change; and
  • their intention to pursue their cooperation in order to strengthen the role of Regions in the development of a multigovernance framework for a shared transport vision at local, regional and national level which will tackle present and future mobility challenges.