In December 2017, the staff of the regional authorities in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) and Central Macedonia (Greece) have been trained for helping them to give a better support to local authorities on the topic of SUMPs. Similar learning sessions will take place in Greater Manchester (UK) and Parkstad Limburg (the Netherlands) in January 2018.

A wide range of staff within each of the four REFORM regions (Greater Manchester, Parkstad Limburg, Emilia-Romagna and Central Macedonia) are participating in a range of training sessions designed to help support them in their understanding of the SUMP development process.

These inter-organisational learning events have been specially designed as 'train the trainer' sessions so that the individuals who attend these sessions are then able to ‘train’ additional people within their specific region. This has the aim of increasing regional awareness of the SUMP process and the integration of SUMP measures in regional planning activity.

The courses have been developed and are delivered by the external consultant Mott MacDonald supporting the REFORM consortium on this task.