The Policy Learning Platform is a instrument of the Interreg Europe programme which has been established to boost EU-wide policy learning and capitalisation on practices from regional development policies. The platform collects good practices and foster knowledge exchanges between Interreg Europe projects' partners and thematic experts, in particular via workshops.

In October 2018, the Policy Learning Platform published a policy brief on Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning. Given the strong link with the core of the REFORM activities, REFORM partners actively contributed to the redaction of this document. Examples of the REFORM contributions include a series of conclusions on the role of the different territorial levels (including local, regional and national authorities) in the development and deployment of SUMPs; the work undertaken by REFORM as well as a Good Practice from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM, one of the four REFORM regions.

While the multi-level governance conclusions cover three main areas: "Better Regulation, Better Funding & Better Knowledge Exchange", the Good Practice of TfGM focuses on an innovative approach to SUMP development that promotes multi-modal understanding of the issues (read the Good Practice).

REFORM will be present at the next thematic workshop on Sustainable Mobility, organised in Manchester on 21st November 2018 and will present more of its findings.