The four regions have been particularly successful at identifying Good Practices from their own departments or activities implemented by "their" municipalities or district. By way of example, Transport for Greater Manchester has promoted its evidence-base system which allows them to take better-informed decision; Parkstad-Limburg highlighted its work on combining energy and mobility planning within a single instrument called PALET; while the Region Macedonia puts forward the Good Practice of the Mobility Data Monitoring Centre of Thessaloniki which collects, analyses and disseminates mobility-related data for the city. The Regione Emilia-Romagna has identified as a Good Practice, its Regional funding scheme to encourage the adoption of SUMPs by the municipalities. 

This funding scheme is also the Good Practice that has been indentified by Central Macedonia as the most inspiring one. In turn, among the most inspiring Good Practices selected by Emilia-Romagna, is the creation of a Mobility Data Monitoring Centre of Thessaloniki. The Dutch region is particularly interested in replicating the approach of Greater Manchester to involve stakeholders in its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan while the British region is inspired by the Good Practice implemented in Maastricht (NL), the Maastricht Bereikbaar: influencing employees’ mobility behaviour.