Quick facts

  • Region: Greater Manchester
  • Transport authority: Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)
  • Country: United-Kingdom
  • Population: 2.3 million inhabitants
  • Number of districts: 10
  • Largest city: Manchester

Greater Manchester's vision

The Greater Manchester Strategy sets out a programme of vigorous collective actions based on driving sustainable economic growth. So, a significant regional objective is to advance low-carbon policies, including the promotion of sustainable urban mobility and supporting measures such as:

  • Low carbon transport, including electric/low carbon vehicle infrastructure, cycling, walking
  • Demand management
  • Low carbon modal shift.

The region also recognises that much more needs to be done to create the world-class connectivity for both people and goods that Greater Manchester needs to compete effectively within a global economy. 

SUMP in Greater Manchester

In this context, a new SUMP has recently been developed to provide a vision of what a successful transport system might look like in 2040 to support Greater Manchester’s wider economic, social and environmental ambitions. The SUMP consists of a new Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan published in February 2017. TfGM now ensures the delivery plan is delivered, monitored and kept up to date to ensure ambitions of the SUMP are realised.


TfGM is one of the four regional authorities of REFORM and therefore acts on the exchange of good practices and experiences with its counterpart for eventually building a consistent action plan. TfGM has a leading role in the consortium on the collection and identification of Good Practices (GPs) as well as on the development of the inter-organisational learning activities. 

TfGM has also organised recently the 2017 Local Transport Summit, with the support of REFORM.

TfGM has also been elected President of the Polis network in December 2017. TfGM will chair the network of cities and regions working for innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the next two years.