Pollution? Congestion? Inefficient transport systems? Lack of quality mobility infrastructure? European cities are experiencing a variety of mobility problems. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) are a tool at the disposal of cities to solve these problems in an integrated and comprehensive manner. The ambition of REFORM is to increase the role of regions for the deployment of SUMPs in cities. 

What is REFORM?

The REFORM project is a collaboration between four partner regions in the  European Union:

  • Central Macedonia (Greece)
  • Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
  • Greater Manchester (UK)
  • Parkstad Limburg (the Netherlands)

The aim of the project is to encourage an increase in the number of adopted SUMPs. This will be achieved by sharing experience, identifying good practice and by having a coordinated approach to implementing good practice. 

The distinctive aspect of REFORM lies in the central role given to regions  which can trigger SUMPs’ development process, amplifying the adoption rate by cities and setting a suitable strategic framework, able to overcome the existing barriers and limits.

REFORM Approach

The project will develop and deliver effective training, and give assistance  to the four REFORM regions to help them prepare an Action Plan. Each Action Plan will address a regional Policy Instrument (PI), supporting the funding and deployment of SUMPs. Each of the partner regions will then implement their Action Plan with the goal of increasing the coverage of adopted SUMPs and enhancing the effectiveness of existing SUMPs. 

There will be a particular focus on encouraging a greater level of political,  professional, and public support for SUMPs at a regional level. The action planning process will be monitored as part of the project.

Information material

Download the REFORM information material on our website from the dedicated folder. You will find:

  • REFORM Leaflet in English, Italian, Dutch and Greek
  • REFORM Poster

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