REFORM collects sustainable mobility Good Practices for its report “EU Good Practices on sustainable mobility planning and SUMP”. This report will describe European Good Practices regarding the regional Sustainable Mobility Action Plans,  with a particular focus on the four following areas:

  • formulating  regional strategies for concrete measures and actions in close cooperation with cities' SUMP for improving transport and mobility;
  • developing specific multi-stakeholder participatory process for enhancing the development of local  SUMPs;
  • defining the role of the Regional Competence Centers which will guide cities during SUMPs development; and
  • specifying the use of ICT as useful tool for collecting traffic data and citizens opinions.

Contributions from EU cities and regions are welcome

REFORM has started its work of good practices collection by collecting the best practices of the four REFORM regions and their cities and by making web research. In order to complement the results of these research, REFORM asks the assistance of external cities and regions from all over Europe. In the selection process, the value of the suggested good practices will be assessed against and selected against the needs of the four REFORM regions. After completion of the inventory, the good practices will be published and shared with external European cities and regions. 

How to contribute?

To contribute, 2 solutions are offered:

  1. Download the working document (here). First, you will find a list of examples (and instructions). From page 14, please complete the table to describe your good practices. For multiple good practices, you can copy the table and re-use it. Please send the completed table via email to REFORM.
  2. Send already existing information (in any other format) via email to REFORM