Workshop and Roundtable

On Thursday 29th June 2017, local stakeholders and cities from Emilia-Romagna will gather for an interactive workshop in the morning focusing on the effective integration of SUMPs in the regional planning instrument. The regional authority will give presentations and information about the SUMP context in Emilia-Romagna. The presentations will be complemented with presentations about good practices from the other REFORM's region partners: Central Macedonia, Parkstad Limburg and Greater Manchester.

The workshop will be followed by a Roundtable session in the afternoon: “Key competences for SUMPs development: experiences in Emilia-Romagna  in the promotion of innovative methods and new mobility patterns". Examples from several local cities will be presented and different aspects of SUMP building will be discussed. 

The working language for both sessions will be Italian. Translation will be provided for the presentations by REFORM's partners.

REFORM consortium meeting

The workshop and rountable will follow the 2nd REFORM consortium meeting and the related Technical Site Visit which will take place respectively on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June. These events are for REFORM partners only.