The Kick-Off event in Thessaloniki will include the first partners meeting and a site visit (Day 1 & Day 2), as well as a political roundtable and a workshop (both on Day 3).

All European REFORM partners will meet in Thessaloniki on February 28 and March 1st for a two-day kick-off meeting. After discussing the administrative and content-related issues, the partners will take part in a study visit led by the local Greek partners including a visit of the real time traffic management center of Thessaloniki Region and a visit at the telematics system centre of OASTH. 

On March 2nd, the partners will welcome external participants for local roundtable (morning) and workshop (afternoon), both on the theme of the use of ICT technologies for traffic data collection and citizens’ communication as practical tools for the implementation of SUMP.

The workshop (02/03 - afternoon) is open to all. For more information, please contact us:

Maria Chatziathanasiou, CERTH at [email protected] ; or

Thomas Mourey, Polis at [email protected]