The regional CE Status Quo reports summarize the results of the studies carried out about  the existing circular economy business and actions, strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses in six REDUCES regions. The Status Quo reports provide the basis for the development work planned in the REDUCES project.

The overall objective of the REDUCES project is to improve  the implementation of regional policies in order to enable regions to adopt more environmentally sustainable ways of production and to reduce the negative environmental impacts of economic development.

Circular business models can be used to help companies achieve resource efficiency and subsequent net revenue gains, and by doing so help regions achieve a more innovative, resilient and productive economy. Although circular business models are often viewed as sustainable by nature, it is recognised that there are uncertainties about their potential impacts, such as externalities and rebound effects. REDUCES results will facilitate and better enable the adoption of environmentally sustainable circular business models with the support of improved regional policies.

Read the Status Quo reports here.