The REDUCES study report 1 presents the selection of regional CE Good Practices from the REDUCES project regions. It is the first study report for Interreg Europe project REDUCES and presents the circular business model “Product life extension” in REDUCES regions and the outcomes of the Valencia interregional learning event.

“Product life extension” is a concept developed as one of the multifaceted solutions to create a circular economy. The basic concept describes how long a product or item can be used for, with the ultimate goal of maximizing any given product’s “utilization” rate and duration. Every time we throw away a product, we essentially also are losing all the energy and resources that went into its production. Although recycling a product is sometimes an option, reuse, and repair rank much higher than recycling in terms of stronger environmental impact.

The selected GP cases were presented in Valencia in March 2020 and selected during the learning process. You can read more about each case from REDUCES website.

Study report 1: Product life extension