On 26th June 2020, the third working session was held by representatives of the main companies and entities committed to the Circular Economy of Valencia Region attended it. This session is part of the activities planned within the REDUCES project, in which the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and the Vicepresidency and Regional Ministry of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture, as responsible for the policy instrument of application in Valencia Region, are participating. This time, given the circumstances of the pandemic situation, the working session was held online.   

The General Director of Ecological Innovation in Construction, Nuria Matarredona, participated in the working session and highlighted the participation of the Regional Government in this European project and highlighted how “the Circular Economy principles are being taken into account into other initiatives such as the innovative public purchasing processes”.


Prior to the meeting, the Regional Circular Economy Status Quo report of Comunitat Valenciana was sent to the mentioned stakeholders to provide comments or inputs to the document. Therefore, the session was the final stage to validate the document before producing the final version.

During the working session, after the pandemic period, the new planning for the activities and results expected within the framework of the project were presented. Furthermore, the identified good practices according to the renewability business model were introduced by the owners of these good practices, that are, SunnerBOX and PROJAR. SunnerBOX proposes new solutions based on Photovoltaic Solar Energy for different uses in urban areas; and PROJAR explained how they designed and installed a green roof tested in a senior day-care center at Benaguacil municipality.

Finally, resource efficiency and recycling business model, but also sharing platforms business model were introduced to receive candidates as good practice cases for the forthcoming phases of the project.