During this pandemic period, on June 3rd 2020, Maramures County organized the third stakeholders meeting in the region, in a special way: the first part, a face to face meeting with representatives of business sector interested in CE and the second part, an online meeting with the consultant that will help us to develop the status quo and action plan.

In order to support us finding relevant examples of best practices in Circular Economy from Maramures County, the consultant introduced us the company Kema Tronic who accepted with interest to become a stakeholder of our project. The company is very active in the field of wastewater treatment plant’s market since 2006, but most of their employees have been working in this field for more than 30 years. They have introduced the tertiary treatment, the mechanical screening, the stainless steel equipment and high-performance aeration on the Romanian market. They are the promoters for the sludge reduction technology and higher anaerobic treatment efficiency in Romania. Their solution addresses to the circular approach in wastewater treatment, for new and existing wastewater treatment plants. Kematronic key customers in Romania are the water companies from Romanian counties, owners of public wastewater treatment plants in Romania and the technical design companies in Romania.

The discussions focused on the involvement of Kema Tronic Company in the activities of Reduces project, and examples of business models on two of the circular economy themes of the project: Renewal/regeneration and Resource Efficiency and Recycling that can be presented by them. In addition, the stakeholders have been invited to present their activities on Resource Efficiency and Recycling theme, in November, at the interregional meeting, which will be held in Maramures. Stakeholders were encouraged to be part of the team that will prepare Maramures County’s action plan and have an influence on policy instruments at regional and county level.

On the second part of the stakeholders meeting, through a videoconference online meeting, the representatives of the project team talked with the consultant about all the topics related to the project "REDUCES - Rethinking Sustainable Development in European Regions Using Business Models of the Circular Economy": Status Quo report, identifying the Good Practices from Maramureș on Circular Economy etc. The next steps and actions to be taken in order to finalyze the status quo in time have been agreed and the cooperation will continue on line.

REDUCES is a project that supports the improvement of regional development policies by promoting business models in the field of sustainable circular economy in six European regions by involving and influencing decision-makers. REDUCES enhances the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between regions.

More information about this project found at the link: www.interregeurope.eu/reduces and on Facebook.com/reduces project.

Gheorghe Paul Szaniszlo
Senior Counselor, Office of International Relations 
Communication Expert in the REDUCES project