The 3rd REDUCES regional stakeholder meeting was held in Turku, Southwest Finland in 22nd of April. It was held online as a Teams meeting because on the COV19-restrictions. Even though the situation was very unusual due the epidemic, all the organisations of the stakeholder group were present, with a new addition of municipality of Paimio.

The goal of the meeting was to update the present situation of the regional circular economy work and give update on interregional REDUCES work. Project manager Jenni Suominen presented REDUCES status. The latest developments of the good practise work were also presented. TUAS will hold a regional webinar for first REDUCES GP cases about the product-life extension in early Autumn. A lot was discussed about how the global epidemic will influence the regional circular economy development. The SWF region has many development projects on circular economy actively ongoing in spite of the situation.

During the meeting it came clear that the stakeholder basis needs to be broaden, especially to cover better the whole SW Finland area. Of course there is already organizations involved that represents the region but open discussion is needed when the Action plan work will officially start and give more insight for the regional situation. TUAS is now finalizing the Circular Economy Status Quo research and interviews of the municipality representatives will be the starting point for wider regional cooperation. Later on regional stakeholder meetings is going to be organized in various municipalities throughout the SW Finland region.